The world is changing…

… and our lives are changing with it. As technology becomes ever present, rather than things becoming more complex wouldn’t it be nice if life was made simple?

From getting a travel pass into the hands of your customers, being on the end of a phone or responding to webchat, email or social media enquiries – we support the passenger on every step of their journey. We work hard to anticipate their needs today and tomorrow, helping you deliver a first class service every time.

 We are on a journey, and everyone is invited . . .

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ESP event at the Scottish Parliament.
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A third of Scots more likely to opt for public transport following Forth Road Bridge closure

Following the turmoil caused by the unexpected closure of the Forth Road Bridge at the end of 2015, research conducted by ESP Group has found that a third of Scots are now more likely to use buses, trains, trams and other forms of public transport.

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My favourite journey

An ongoing journey with my children. Their first tooth, words, day at school, boy/girlfriends, driving lessons, first proper job, tbc . . .

Yasmin Macintyre

Case studies

ScotRail Assisted Travel Project ScotRail offer an Assisted Travel service to customers to offer them assistance…

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How we do it

Posted 23.09.15

The rule of three definitely applies to ESP Group this week, and what a fantastic week…

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