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ESP Group Shines as Triple Finalists in the Courier Business Awards

Excitement abounds at the ESP Group as we proudly unveil a remarkable achievement: our shortlisting as finalists in not just one, but three categories at the prestigious Courier Business Awards. These awards are a celebration of businesses of all sizes across Tayside, Angus, and central Scotland. The Courier, a beacon of local, national, and international news, has provided a platform to recognise our dedication to excellence and innovation.

Rising Star Category: Celebrating Kira Wishart

 In the dynamic landscape of emerging talents, we shine a spotlight on one of our own, Kira Wishart, our Operations Manager. Her journey to being shortlisted as a Rising Star finalist is a testament to her unwavering dedication and unyielding commitment. Kira’s innovative spirit and relentless efforts mirror the ethos of growth and progress that ESP Group cherishes. From her innovative strategies to her dedication to fostering positive change, Kira embodies the qualities that make her a true Rising Star. Her story echoes our commitment to nurturing talent and forging a future of promise.

Business Leader Category: Honouring Theresa Lawson

Theresa Lawson, ESP Group’s CEO, exemplifies the pinnacle of leadership in the Business Leader category. Her visionary guidance has propelled the organisation to new heights, navigating challenges with poise and crafting a path of innovation. This nomination acknowledges Theresa’s exceptional leadership and her instrumental role in shaping ESP Group’s trajectory in a dynamic industry. With her strategic acumen and transformative leadership style, Theresa stands as a true Business Leader who has made a lasting impact.

Family Business Category: Beyond Business, a Family

 Embracing the identity of a family business, we find ourselves in the Family Business category, a true reflection of our values. We proudly stand as more than a business; we are a family. This nomination encapsulates our harmonious fusion of tradition and evolution. ESP Group’s journey is a testament to the strength of unity, values, and shared aspirations that bind us together in a close-knit embrace. As a family-owned and operated business, we’ve demonstrated that a strong familial foundation can fuel entrepreneurial success.

Dedication and Triumph on this Journey

Our journey to the finals of the Courier Business Awards is adorned with dedication, teamwork, and an unwavering resolve. From the dedication of our passionate employees to the guiding hand of our leadership, this recognition stands as a tribute to collective effort. It serves as a reminder that every milestone achieved is the culmination of countless hours of hard work, fuelled by an unshakable commitment to success. Each nominee and team member has contributed to the success we celebrate today.

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