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Emergency/Out of Hours Support

When it comes to handling emergency contact, businesses need a reliable and experienced partner of choice that they can trust.

Here we specialise in providing emergency contact handling services, whether during regular operating hours or outside of them. Our highly skilled professionals are available 24/7, 365 days a year, to ensure prompt and efficiency response to urgent situations.

Different level of responsiveness

Emergency call handling requires a different level of expertise and responsiveness, and we understand that. We recognise the critical nature of these situations and the impact that they can have on life and your business. That’s why we have teams of trained people who are equipped to handle emergencies with the utmost care and efficiency, providing you with peace of mind and swift resolution.

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Over 1.4 million calls made


By choosing The ESP Group to handle your emergency contact, you gain the advantage of working with people that are highly skilled in supporting in these urgent situations. Our teams have extensive experience in managing emergencies across various industries, and their expertise allows for efficient problem-solving and rapid decision making. With our robust processes and their meticulous attention to details, we can help your business mitigate risks, maintain operational continuity, and protect your brand reputation.

Our Amazing Team

Siobhan Customer Service Advisor
Jamie Customer Service Advisor
Nicky Customer Service Advisor
Hayley Team Leader

Our 300+ committed team members are ready to help.


Our Services

Our comprehensive emergency contact services encompass a range of features designed to support your business during critical moments. We offer immediate response, accurate call triaging, seamless escalation processes, and clear communication protocols. Our team is trained to assess emergency situations quickly, remain calm under pressure, and take decisive actions to minimise risks and ensure the best possible outcome.

Over 500 Happy Clients

Case Studies

Explore our case studies to see how we have helped other clients achieve success and simplified their operations through our innovative solutions.

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Don’t leave your emergency contact handling to chance, contact us to today to discuss your specific needs and let us demonstrate to you how our highly skilled people can support your business during critical moments.

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