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SmartWedge is an advanced card printer with a 10-inch LCD touch screen, providing easy and intuitive control through a friendly user interface. Featuring ITSO accreditation and RTP re-transfer technology, this fully integrated Smart Perso Post printer delivers exceptional printing results on various card materials.

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SmartWedge is an innovative card printer designed to revolutionise your printing experience. The standout feature of this printer is the 10-inch LCD touch screen, allowing you to effortlessly control the printer through a user-friendly interface.



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Choosing us for your card printing needs brings several advantages. Our SmartWedge printer combines cutting-edge technology with user-friendly features, allowing for quick and easy control through the intuitive LCD touch screen. We are proud to offer an ITSO accredited Smart Perso Post printer that delivers outstanding results on a variety of card materials. The re-transfer printing process ensures spectacular results, especially when printing on cards containing electronic circuitry. With our printer’s increased abrasion resistance and the smart LCD display for real-time status updates, you can trust us to provide a reliable and efficient solution for your card printing. Experience peace of mind with our service desk and support team on hand to assist you whenever needed.


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Our printer utilises RTP re-transfer technology, which ensures exceptional print quality on various card materials, including PVC, PVH, ABS, Polycarbonate, and pure PET. One of the key advantages of this technology is the increased abrasion resistance, making your printed information last longer. Additionally, the printer features a smart LCD display that provides real-time printer status information through text messages and colour changes, enabling seamless monitoring.

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